Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homemade Hot Pretzels & Deep-Fried Fettuccini Knots

Oh yum.... Today I made homemade whole wheat hot pretzels.  They are yummy!  The boys covered them with Easy Cheez.  I dipped mine in mustard. 

Here's the recipe....  adapted from Alton Brown by Kirbie's Creations.

The pretzels are soft inside, chewy and tough on the outside just like a good pretzel should be.  I put
Celtic Grey Sea Salt on mine.  It is subtle, but adds a lot to the flavor.

How about this for a fun party food?  Deep-fried Fettuccini!  Really!  It is awesome!
I found the recipe at Ceramic Canvas and their recipe tutorial is very nice and the pictures prettier than mine!
Go  check it out.  It is SO easy... but beware, it makes your house smell like a doughnut shop.  I think these would also taste great with some powdered sugar sprinkled on them... or maybe some cinnamon and sugar.
Oh... and I did not put the wasabi powder in them.  They were perfect for the poker party we had.


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Mare said...

Our house smells like a donut factory because we made donuts I'm going to try both of these recipes. The pretzels look delish!!

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