Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring or Easter Decorated Cookies

My kids had the day off today, so we spent the day baking and decorating cookies. It is always fun at the beginning but then by the end, I'm usually sick of it. The boys didn't last quite as long as I did. That's the way it usually goes. They are all gung-ho and then they make two cookies and they are then done. The sure love eating the dough though!

So, here are the cookies we made. We traced the cookie cutter and the boys designed their cookies before they decorated them. This gave them an idea of what to make before they started trying to make things with the icing. Icing isn't quite as forgiving as colored pencils. You can see below both the drawings and the cookies. So cute!

These are my 9-year-old's eggs. He did a pretty good job! Of course, how Meta Knight and Warrior Skeletons have anything to do with Spring or Easter, I don't know!

These are my 7-year-old's eggs. He was bored more quickly. Cute though!

If you would like the recipe for the icing, you can find it HERE.

Have fun!


T-rexy said...

cuuuuuttte! I love the plaid ones!

♥♥♥ said...

Super cute! You are so talented. I love it.

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