Monday, September 19, 2011

Boy Party Ideas - For the Gamer Kids

Boy party ideas are getting harder and harder to come by.  My son is getting older and the boy themes are really too immature for him and his friends, so this year I created a BOY themed party.  Okay, so it wasn't a theme at all.  It was just a party in which I used all kinds of BOY favorites. 

My son wanted a 3DS for his birthday, so I made him 3D 3DS cookies.  As you can see, they are 3D!  They were by no means perfect, but the boys loved them and the disco dust on the screen added a bit of pop to these gamer cookies.  If you would like recipes for the sugar cookies or for the icing, check out this post!  For other cookie decorating ideas, look here.  If you don't feel like making cookies, I realized after they were made that I had cut them about the same size as a graham cracker, so you could actually use two graham crackers for this cookie project! 

I also made some monster pops out of marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and decorated with candy and marshmallows. Boys like monsters, right?  Even 11 year old boys. I found a ring of floral form at the dollar store and wrapped it in crepe paper so I could display the pops.

Next were the Ninjabread Men.  I love these cookie cutters and so do my boys.  I have mentioned before that my boys love ninjas.  They have to be included!

Another gamer favorite it Pokemon and so I made some Pokeball cookies to go in the treat bags.  Simple and fun!  I used red chocolate for the red part and white icing for the white.  They really did turn out well and have two different flavors, so they are a bit like a black-and-white cookie.  I also found these cute little test tubes filled with flavored sugar.  I'm sure the moms appreciated me.  Can you say hyper?!?  I did have each child put pizza toppings on his own grilled pizza and they ate lunch first.  I promise!

I also filled apothocary jars with my son's favorite candies just for some fun color on the "candy bar"...

I asked my son what kind of cake he wanted and he said he wanted "my" chocolate cake with chocolate icing and if I could add some raspberry to that, it would be great, so I made a white chocolate, raspberry ganache for the filling.  Fudgy cake and icing with raspberries.  He loved it.  For the recipe, look on the back of the Hershey Cocoa box!  A great recipe I have been making for years and years.  For the icing on this cake, I used the Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa. 

You don't need to print it out, but here is the recipe.  It has been on the box forever and for good reason!
and here is the delicious icing also from the Hershey's site...


1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine
3 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Melt butter, Stir in cocoa. Alternately add powdered sugar and milk, beating to spreading consistency. Add small amount additional milk, if needed. Stir in vanilla. About 2 cups frosting.

For the ganache, I used a recipe I found on and modified it because I had already gotten some frozen raspberries in sugar liquid.

White Chocolate Strawberry ganache


  • 1 12 oz. package white chocolate chips
  • 6 oz. heavy whipping cream, scalded
  • 1 Tbs. of softened butter
  • 2 oz. crushed, frozen rasperries in sugar liquid, thawed

1. Pour white chips into medium-sized bowl and microwave for 1-3 minutes.  Check after each minute as each microwave varies. 
2.  Heat 8 oz. of heavy whipping cream to a simmer.
3.  Pour cream over melted chips.
4.  Add raspberries.  Stir until creamy.
5.  Place bowl into refrigerator until cooled and thickened (can be placed in freezer if you are in a hurry.)
6. Whip with mixer until thick and fluffy enough to spread between cake layers if necessary…..

You will love this cake if you haven't made it before.  It is a classic!

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