Thursday, August 9, 2018

My Family's Favorite Cheesecake

Every birthday at our house involves the request for Chocolate Orange Cheesecake.  We love it and it is a special treat that happens to be made for 4 months in a row since our birthdays are all straight in a row... September, October, November and December.

We love this recipe and it comes from a blog I used to follow. I used to just click on a pinterest pin to get to it but a few years ago, I tried to get to it and much to my dismay, the blog had closed.  I tracked down the woman who owned the blog on facebook and she was sweet enough to send it to me!

So here on my own blog I am sharing it so that you can all try it but mostly because I want to be able to easily find it!  This is a .jpg file so you will just need to right click on it and select print to print it out.  Enjoy!

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