Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Treat

My boys and I made some yummy treats for Valentine's Day today.  It isn't so much as a recipe, but an idea.  I got the idea from a friend in my card group named Ouizee who made it recently.

Here's what to do....

Mix together any sweet and salty snacks you have in the house plus some cereal!

We used Rice Crispies, Special K, mini-marshmallows, broken pretzels, peanuts, cut up Fruit Rollups, Valentine's candy corn & red Sixlets.

Melt some white chocolate according the the directions on the package... we used 4 of the blocks from this....  

but you can use white chocolate chips.  I melted this in a double boiler, but you can use the microwave.
You can also add some peanut butter at this point. 

Pour it on and stir it up!  Drop in piles on a Silpat liner or on waxed paper.  We topped them with Wilton's Sour Cherry Sprinkles and heart sprinkles.

You can also put it in
a dish and cut it after it it is cold.  I sat ours outside on our porch and it got hard in about 5 minutes.

Yummy Tummy Love!
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