Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Cookies

The holidays are here and it is time for my annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party.  Unfortunately, I wanted to get some cookies in the mail, so I couldn't wait to do all of my cookies at the party, so I did a few beforehand.  They are so fun to make.  If you want the recipe for the cookies or for the icing, please go here

These cookies turn out so nice and shiny and pretty!  They aren't perfect, but they sure were fun to make.


Stuff that I used to make these....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mini Cheeseball Pumpkin Appetizer

Awe... aren't they sweet?  These are such a simple appetizer that anyone can make them!  They were a big hit in both flavor and  cuteness.  Because I had some very picky eaters eating these, I made some {the darker pumpkins} with a spicy mixture on top, but I also made some plain for those who don't like things spicier.

Mini Cheeseball Pumpkin Appetizer

8 oz block of cream cheese
6 oz finely shredded orange cheddar cheese
sesame stick snacks
Equal parts {approx. 1/4 tsp each}
chili powder
ceyenne pepper
black pepper
Mini toasts or crackers

Mix 8 oz cream cheese with 3 oz orange cheddar in your mixer bowl.  Roll 1 tsp (more or less depending on the size you'd like) of the cheese mixture into balls.  Roll all of the balls in the remaining shredded cheddar to coat.  Roll half of the balls in the spice mixture to create the darker, spicier pumpkins.  Place one sesame stick into each pumpkin to create a stem & flatten the ball slightly.  Serve on small toasts or crackers.

These are the mini toasts I used.  So adorable!

Whole Wheat Mini Toasts (3.1 ounce)Whole Wheat Mini Toasts (3.1 ounce)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homemade Hot Pretzels & Deep-Fried Fettuccini Knots

Oh yum.... Today I made homemade whole wheat hot pretzels.  They are yummy!  The boys covered them with Easy Cheez.  I dipped mine in mustard. 

Here's the recipe....  adapted from Alton Brown by Kirbie's Creations.

The pretzels are soft inside, chewy and tough on the outside just like a good pretzel should be.  I put
Celtic Grey Sea Salt on mine.  It is subtle, but adds a lot to the flavor.

How about this for a fun party food?  Deep-fried Fettuccini!  Really!  It is awesome!
I found the recipe at Ceramic Canvas and their recipe tutorial is very nice and the pictures prettier than mine!
Go  check it out.  It is SO easy... but beware, it makes your house smell like a doughnut shop.  I think these would also taste great with some powdered sugar sprinkled on them... or maybe some cinnamon and sugar.
Oh... and I did not put the wasabi powder in them.  They were perfect for the poker party we had.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Halloween Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers

Halloween is in the AIR!  I'm totally stoked to get my Halloween stuff out and start decorating.  Maybe tomorrow morning!  If I do, look for the post on my other blog... Pixeltrashamania.  For directions on how to print and cut out these cupcake wrappers, go under the header labeled "Cupcake Printables" above. You will also find LOTS more freebie cupcake wrappers.  If you use these, please send me an email with pictures!  I'd love to see!

 Cupcake toppers.  Just glue to a toothpick and stick them into your icing!

More traditional toppers to glue/tape to toothpicks and top those cupcakes cutely!

May I also suggest? 
This stand would be perfect for these Halloween cupcakes!

I'd love to make these chocolate covered pretzels look like theirs (probably couldn't!) and stick them in the tops of the cupcakes as cupcake toppers.

Or how about these guys stuck right into the icing and sticking out of the cupcakes with the cupcake wrappers on them?  Cute!

Oh... and if I only had the MONEY... check this out! I love a cake stand and this one would be AWESOME!!!

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