Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kids Snack Tortillas

My kids were looking for a sugary snack this morning and we had none in the house, so I came up with these fried tortillas with cinnamon and sugar.  Very uncomplicated and yummy.  I have made them before with regular tortillas, but wanted to sneak some nutrition in them, so I used multi-grain tortillas and canola oil.  I also cut them into the shape of their initials.  Along with a strawberry-banana fat-free smoothie, I think they had some great nutrition and a yummy snack.  PS... I shook the excess cinnamon and sugar off before serving.  They look pretty with a lot on though, don't you think?

Below are the tortillas I used.   The only trick is to have the oil on high so they only have to fry for about 1 minute or less on each side. That way, they get crispy and don't soak up the oil.  Just heat your oil in a frying pan (take it off the heat if it starts to smoke) and get to work!  One tortilla was enough for each boy.  I had a half of one and an ice coffee.  Great on a hot day!

Happy Summer!

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♥♥♥ said...

I love sneaking nutrition into my son's snacks and you've thought of a great way! I love this idea and will definitely give it a try. TFS Tami! :-)

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