Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mini Cheeseball Pumpkin Appetizer

Awe... aren't they sweet?  These are such a simple appetizer that anyone can make them!  They were a big hit in both flavor and  cuteness.  Because I had some very picky eaters eating these, I made some {the darker pumpkins} with a spicy mixture on top, but I also made some plain for those who don't like things spicier.

Mini Cheeseball Pumpkin Appetizer

8 oz block of cream cheese
6 oz finely shredded orange cheddar cheese
sesame stick snacks
Equal parts {approx. 1/4 tsp each}
chili powder
ceyenne pepper
black pepper
Mini toasts or crackers

Mix 8 oz cream cheese with 3 oz orange cheddar in your mixer bowl.  Roll 1 tsp (more or less depending on the size you'd like) of the cheese mixture into balls.  Roll all of the balls in the remaining shredded cheddar to coat.  Roll half of the balls in the spice mixture to create the darker, spicier pumpkins.  Place one sesame stick into each pumpkin to create a stem & flatten the ball slightly.  Serve on small toasts or crackers.

These are the mini toasts I used.  So adorable!

Whole Wheat Mini Toasts (3.1 ounce)Whole Wheat Mini Toasts (3.1 ounce)


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dulceshoras said...

Just arrived to your blog and I already love it! Congratulations for your work!!!!

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