Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magnolia Bakery in NY City - SoHo

My family and I took a day trip to the Soho and Tribeca neighborhoods of NY City yesterday.  It was a humid and rainy day, but that didn't stop us! We walked the neighborhoods like troopers with umbrellas and rain ponchos.  Some of our stops were Peep for Thai food for lunch (awesome bathroom!), Macbar for dinner (perfect with kids!)

and we trekked up to Magnolia Bakery which is on the corner of Bleecker Street and West 11th. 

My husband was completely amazed that there was a huge line around the corner in the rain, just for cupcakes!  He was also amazed that they had the cupcake bouncer; a woman, wearing what could have easily been interpreted as a referee shirt, whom was keeping the line and making sure nobody cut in front of the line.  He thought the women  (and he himself) waiting in line must be crazy. 

We finally got inside and were able to make it inside and amid the chaos. I could barely take a picture due to the crowd.  There were probably 15 people at a time in the store and it was basically standing-room only.  I'm thinking there must be some seriously good cupcakes or perhaps just a lot of hype.  We squeezed to the boxes and chose 2 cupcakes (pistachio and vanilla with chocolate buttercream) and an apple crisp and a flourless cake for me.  They put them in a pretty white shopping bag with their logo on it and we were off.  
This is the only picture I could get from the cash register.  LOL!  Cute t-shirts though, right?
Unfortunately it was so rainy that we couldn't stop anywhere and eat our cupcakes after we got them, so we decided to bring them home.  Well, even with an umbrella, the shopping bag was ruined from the rain and the cupcakes had to be shoved into a Macbar plastic bag so they wouldn't get ruined too. 

We carried them onto the subway, onto the train back to NJ and home 3 hours.  They were a but smushed by the time we got home.

  This morning, my boys and I cut the vanilla with chocolate buttercream and the pistachio into 3rds so we could all try them.  The cake is wonderfully heavy and "wedding cakey" and the icing... omg... so good!  The pistachio icing was more like an Italian buttercream I recently made.  Thick and buttery and less sweet than you would think.   The chocolate was fudgy and thick and ganache-like.  Mmmm!  We haven't tried flourless cake and apple crisp yet.... I'll let you know.  You should really try this place if you get a chance!

Update:  We also tried the apple crisp and the flourless chocolate cake.  While the apple crisp had much more crumble than I like, my son devoured the whole thing minus the bite I took.  He loved it.  The flourless cake was also sugarless, I think.  If you love a dark chocolate with a low amount of sugar in it, you are sure to like this.  The % of sugar was a low for me and I love dark chocolate...  it was much like eating a cocoa cake.  My husband LOVED it and enjoyed most of it himself.  I'm sure he would get it again!


Judy said...

Sounds like a good time, Tami. The cupcakes look yummy!

Débora Marchi said...

Tami Hello!
Congratulations on the wonderful blog!
It was inspiring!
I'm from Brazil and I'm following you ok?

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