Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cookie Decorating 2012

Last night I decided to decorate cookies which I had baked a few days ago.  This time when I made my icing, I used Sweetopia's recipe for royal icing and I LOVED it!  You really have to try this recipe!  It does takes some planning ahead because you need meringue powder and cream of tartar, but it is so worth it.  The only problem I had was bubbles forming in a few of the cookies, but otherwise, it flowed nicely from the tip and hardened at a nice rate.  Slowly enough so I could decorate the whole cookie, but fast enough that I could add layers.

Here's the sweetness that I created.  There were others, but these were my favorites. Especially my snowbirds!



Anonymous said...

You are amazing!

Mare said...

They are beautiful Tami! I love the birds and snowmen.

nehk said...

Intuitive indeed.

Brex said...

Intuitive indeed.

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