Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pretty Posey Cupcake Wrapper Freebie

 I see this wrapper used for baby showers, or maybe a girly tea, but really it could be used for anything.  I think it is adorable!  I may have to come up with a party just so I can use it.

If you need directions regarding how to use these wrappers, go here.


I have been using the Reynold's Stay Brite cupcake papers.  They are AWESOME! They are lined with aluminum foil type of stuff and they actually really keep their cuteness after they are baked.  The paper ones always soak through and lose their prettiness after they are baked. 

Here are a few cupcakes I made using these baking cups. These were actually baked in these cups!

Anyway, here is a link to the Reynold's papers.  I love them.  You may be able to find them in your grocery store too.  I am going to look at Walmart to see if they have them.  I will let you know.

Reynolds Stay Brite Baked for You Sophisticated Bake Cups 36 Ct 2 Packs


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