Friday, June 18, 2010

Grandma's Strawberry Freezer Jam

My friend Janet MADE me make my own jam.  I've never done it before, nor did I really want to make it.  But SHE made jelly and sent it home with me in the cutest ever little teensy tiny jar with a bow on it.  I had just gotten a loaf of fresh bakery peasant bread and popped the jar open after school so my boys could have an afterschool snack.  I handed them the fluffy bread with the pretty red jelly on it.  One bite and you would have thought I had given them a huge banana split with everything on it!  They LOVED it so much that I had to 'SAVE' the rest for their lunches the next day.  I did lick the knife and I will say, it was awesome. 

Well, Janet picked her strawberries so they were nice and fresh.  I hate to pick strawberries so, on a whim, I had my husband pick up strawberries from a farm stand on his way home.  He also went to the store and bought pectin for me... oh and jars!  What a good husband I have. 

I pulled out my grandmother's recipe and holy cow... I can't believe how easy it was!!!  Seriously, who would have known?  So, now I have this.

Here is the recipe if you'd like to try it.  If you click on the recipe, it should open larger so you can read it better.  I don't know why my grandmother says not to double it and she is no longer with us so I can ask her.

Enjoy!  It is super simple!


Wendy said...

If you need a taste tester I am willing!

GrannyG said...

The strawberry Jam recipe cannot be doubled will not set up if made in big is made to use in smaller containers so it sets up...

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