Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How To Shuck Corn (ie Peel Corn!)

This may seem like an inane thing to blog about, but when I was young, my mom would buy corn by the dozen and I would get the annoying job of  shucking the corn. Bleck.  I would peel it one piece of husk at a time and it was so annoying!  No one ever told me how to do it this way.... I saw this technique somewhere.... maybe on Food TV?  Perhaps Emril Live or Martha Stewart Living. 

On the stalk end of the corn, feel for where they corn ends and the stalk starts.  Cut here.
It should look like this....
Now turn the corn and feel for where the tip of the corn is and cut there.
Now slice through the husk the long way.  Don't worry about cutting through the corn itself.  It isn't going to hurt the corn at all.
Turn it over and do the same thing on the opposite side of the cob.
Now you can just pull the husk off easily!
To take all of the silk off, I run it under cold water against the
way the silk is growing.  It takes most of it off.
If you have any other easier methods, let me know! 
I'm always interested in making things easier!


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