Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Free Snow and Winter Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers Printable

Hi, Faithful Followers and Newbies from Pinterest!  Enjoy these free printable cupcake wrappers perfect for your winter parties!  We have snow on the ground today, so these were inspired by the pretty colors outside.  If you need them, there are directions for using these printables here.

Do you see the kitty outside the door checking out my pretty cupcakes?  I think he wants some. :-)

  Just cut them out.  You can cut on the black line, or make it easier on yourself and cut around the entire decoration like I did.
 Add some glitter glue and make them sparkle!  Be sure to tap off all of the excess glitter though. You don't want glitter on your cupcakes.
 Throw a gem in the middle of the snowflakes and stick them on top of your cupcakes by taping them to a toothpick!

And there you have it... winter cupcakes!

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