Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Cupcake Wrappers and Recipe Cards to Print Free

Hi, Sweet Blog Followers!  I had the day off today, so I played with some graphics and made up some pretty fall leaf cupcake wrappers and toppers along with some recipe cards since I needed some for my Thanksgiving recipes.

I made two different recipe cards.  The first one will use more ink. If you want to use less ink, go down to the white recipe card and print it.  Click on the card you want to use and it will take you to a larger version of it.  Right click on it and choose "Save Image As" and this will allow you to save it to your computer.  Next, open that file in your photo editing software and print it from there.

Keep scrolling down this post to see a few other printables for your private use.

I buy photo books from the dollar store and store my recipe cards in them, so I've also made a cover for those books.  If you have some and want to use them for recipes, here are front and back covers for your recipe book.  Mine happen to be 4x6 inches, so that is the size of these printables.  I also made a few recipe cards to match.  You can see pictures of my finished product below.  Have fun with them!

You can see that I also have 3-ring binders in which I save recipes that I have printed from the internet. 
Those recipes are usually ones that I want to try. After I find and try recipes that I love and that my family loves, I hand write them on recipe cards and keep them in the photo books.  

Click on this printable, save it to your computer and open it in your photo software.  Print it from there.



Joy Burkhart said...

Thanks for sharing the super recipe cards and covers for a family recipe book! Great idea for Thanksgiving get-togethers!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

You are welcome Joy Burkhart! I'm glad you can use them.

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